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Electrical Safety and Efficiency, From A To Zapped

Electrical plans are complicated and contractors can be expensive, generally charging $80 to $100 per hour. Knowing what your needs are and planning appropriately, can make the difference between affording a simple remodel or adding a new addition to your home . That’s why it’s important to have an experienced consultant to help you make the right decisions, saving you money and frustration. The service that we offer is to explain in detail how you can do it yourself. You won't be going in blind on your next electrical project. We provide a detailed parts list and easy to understand directions no matter how complicated your project is. Our rates are reasonable and you get the security and peace of mind for your electrical do-it-yourself projects.

L&I Electrical Permit Consultation

Washington State electrical safety laws require a permit and inspection for all new and additional electrical work. We provide the step by step guidance to acquire the right permits, which can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in permit fees.

Electrical Plan, Review and Guidance

Jones Electrical Consultations will always make sure the conductors and equipment are adequately installed and rated to the calculated load, as well as, provide easy to understand guidance on how to do it right. No second guessing yourself, we take all the guesswork out of the equation. Schedule an initial consultation with Mike Jones to find out how to be a true DIY homeowner. You cannot fail with Jones on your team!

Electrical Installation Safety Consultation

Even wiring a plug incorrectly can have serious consequences, from electrocution risk to fire hazard. Jones Electrical will ensure that your electrical installations are done correctly and safely every time, guaranteed.

Load Calculations for Generators & New Construction

It's important to estimate the volt-amperes (VA) of a residence as accurately as possible. Between lighting, small appliances, and special appliances such as water heaters and cooking equipment, getting the right calculations can be complicated. We assess your needs and give you accurate load calculations, which can prevent power outages and safety hazards. We are all about safety for you and your family. Incorrect wiring and load calcs are no laughing matter. You can rest easy knowing we are by your side inspecting and correcting if necessary. We have been called the Guardian Angel for do-it-yourself electricians in Washington. We will safely watch over all your electrical projects.

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